Recent Press Releases of BMZ


21.01.2021 Start of the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour: Minister Müller calls for swift agreement on supply chain law

Thursday, 21 January marks the start of the United Nations International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. In a statement, German Development Minister Gerd Müller said: "The COVID-19 crisis is proving to be a disaster for many children: right...  >>


07.01.2021 Minister Müller welcomes first successful audit for Green Button outside Germany

The government-run textile label "Green Button" is beginning to play an increasingly important role at the international level, too. The first company outside Germany has now successfully undergone the auditing process for the label – Beirholm...  >>


18.12.2020 Development Minister Müller says: “With its new development instrument the EU is showing its capacity to act.”

Under Germany's Presidency of the Council of the European Union it has been possible, after 14 months of negotiating, to arrive at an agreement in Brussels today on the new Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI)....  >>


11.12.2020 Minister Gerd Müller welcomes new EU climate targets and calls for greater global commitment

On 12 December, the UN Secretary-General, the United Kingdom and France convened a high-level climate summit to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement and to mobilise support for ambitious climate action. German Development...  >>


10.12.2020 Team Europe: EU and Germany join forces with the Government of Bangladesh to safeguard the livelihoods of workers in export-oriented industries

The European Union and Germany are joining forces with the Government of Bangladesh and will provide 113 million euros to safeguard the livelihoods of vulnerable workers in the garment and leather export-oriented industries. Due to the unprecedented...  >>


04.12.2020 Minister Müller welcomes agreement on a new compact for the future between the EU and the ACP states

The EU and 78 countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific region reached an agreement yesterday evening in Brussels regarding the contents of a new EU-ACP partnership agreement. The new agreement will replace the 20-year-old "Cotonou...  >>


25.11.2020 Rules for corporate due diligence needed urgently – at both the national and European level

Shaping a new economic model for the post-COVID-19 world with rules on corporate due diligence in global supply chains – that is what a virtual forum convened by the Federal Development Ministry calls for. State Secretary Norbert Barthle said: "How...  >>


25.11.2020 Minister Müller on Donor Conference: "Afghanistan will continue to need support even after international troops have gone"

At the virtual donor conference for Afghanistan, the German government pledged to provide new funds in order to continue its development and humanitarian support for Afghanistan.  German Development Minister Gerd Müller commented: "We want to make...  >>


24.11.2020 Cooperation between Development and Climate Alliance and Sports for Future

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic is currently the dominating topic on the news, it is still true that climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Record heat, droughts and floods are increasing. Developing countries and emerging...  >>


20.11.2020 European Union and Germany provide over 200 million euros in assistance for Senegal

The European Union (EU) and Germany are assisting Senegal in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing 112 million euros from EU funding and 100 million euros from Germany's international Emergency COVID-19 Support Programme. German Development...  >>