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Who-is-Who Service

As an expert or executive, GIZ-Alumni like you play an important part in the sustainable development of your country. We would like to continue to cooperate with you and to invite you to join the worldwide GIZ Alumni Network.
You have the expertise; we will facilitate the necessary connections.


How does it work?

Via our “Who-is-Who“-service, we liaise contacts between alumni and their local counterparts. This means that we support GIZ’s employees as well as our global partners in their professional, regional and strategic cooperation with valuable contacts like you.

The network already contains thousands of GIZ-Alumni who took part in capacity building programmes like the International Leadership Trainings in Germany, for example.
They are joined by alomost 150,000 Germany-Alumni who have registered with the Alumniportal Deutschland.

The Alumniportal Deutschland is an online platform for people from all over the world who have been trained or took part in advanced training in Germany or at a German institution abroad. It offers new ways of global networking and cooperation, and promotes a durable connection of alumni to Germany.


The Matching-Process

The contacts registered with the “Who-is-Who”-service, including those registered with the Alumniportal Deutschland, are regularly approached by GIZ-employees as well as external interested parties for their expertise and counsel, as project employees, consultants, conveyors of knowledge, as “door openers” or contacts of local companies and industry.


Their expertise, local contacts and experience of Germany means that alumni are most interesting cooperation partners for companies, organisations and institutes of higher education.


Register for the Who-is-Who Service

To become a member of our global GIZ Alumni Network, please fill in the questionnaire online: 


Link to the online questionnaire 


After having opened it, you will have the choice between an English and a Spanish version.

This way, we can guarantee that our mutual contact is secured for the long term and that cooperation can be facilitated.

Alternative: Offline Formular

In case your internet connection is unsecure, the link to online questionnaire does not work on your computer or in case you wish to have the questionnaire in another language, please download the following formular, fill it out and sent it back to alumni(at)giz.de.


Englisch Questionnaire

German Questionnaire

French Questionnaire

Spanish Questionnaire