GIZ-Alumni Group

What is it?

The group (accessible via log in & not available to the public)

       aims to improve the cooperation with GIZ-Alumni worldwide

       serves as a knowledge exchange and networking platform


Who is invited to join the group?

GIZ-Alumni: GIZ-Alumni are people from all over the world who took part in a GIZ* programme of advanced training/ training/ event, or contributed to one of GIZ’s projects. Many alumni took part in capacity building programmes like the International Leadership Trainings in Germany, for example.


* GIZ including its former organizations ded, GTZ and InWEnt (as well as DSE/ CDG)


What´s in it for you?

       information about interesting webinars, events or publications at an early stage

       access to relevant and up-to-date knowledge, practices, projects and opportunities in the field of international and development cooperation


How is this relating with GIZ?

GIZ aims to capture the value of your competences - no matter whether you´re being:

       qualified for panel discussions as experts

       invited you to events and forums as GIZ alumnus/ alumna

       involved actively in our project work worldwide


You´re interested in joining the GIZ-Alumni Group?

Request membership online and log in via the "Alumni-Community" Box at the left side of this page and feel free to improve the platform by

       writing comments

       uploading documents

       exchanging experiences within the interdisciplinary community

       sharing knowledge

       progressing discipline-specific discussions