AeRFA, the Asociación Argentina de Ex Becarios de la República Federal de Alemania – Argentine Association of Former Scholarship Holders of the Federal Republic of Germany – was founded in 1978 to build bridges between both countries. After more than 35 years, it is still the AeRFA’s goal to enable the consolidation and refreshment of skills obtained in Germany, to promote the scientific, cultural and professional exchange with institutions both in Argentina and in Germany and to apply the multiplier-effect of gained professional skills.

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  • Alumni 4E El Salvador
    The network „Alumni 4E El Salvador“ was founded in 2011 as an initiative of the programme „Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Central America” of GIZ, 4E-GIZ. This voluntary group of alumni supports the 4E-programme in El Salvador. Its members are nine energy experts with long-term experience in various institutions of the energy sector. It is their common goal to promote cooperation and continuing education as well as an exchange of ideas among its members.

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  • ASPA
    ASPA (Asociación Antioqueña de Profesionales con Estudios en Alemania) unites former scholarship holders and graduates in Colombia who have taken a degree or completed internships in Germany or a German-language country, or who have studied supported by the German government or a German organisation of international cooperation in other countries. ASPA promotes scientific, professional and cultural exchange between Colombia and Germany.

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  • Educ@l
    Educ@l, the network for the promotion of E-learning in Latin America, unites Latin American institutions of education and experts interested in issues of distance and virtual education. Since its foundation, the network has been cooperating with GIZ and has been carrying out high-quality projects of training, advanced training and specialization, all with the aim of strengthening capacities for virtual education in Latin America.

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  • Red Alumni de Economía Sostenible (RADES)
    RADES is a regional alumni network that brings together the former participants of courses organised by German organisations such as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), particularly experts from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The network enables its members to exchange their experiences and plays an important role in the development of sustainable processes in Latin America.

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  • Red Alumni América Latina Alemania (RE@L)
    The Red Alumni América Latina Alemania - RE@L - was founded in 2004. Its members are professionals who have been trained at a German institute, in Germany or in Latin America. These Alumni are characterized by the interest of maintaining the link between them, with the training institute and with Germany as a place of learning. They share the interest of training with the concept of "lifelong learning" in a world in which knowledge is renewed more quickly.
    RELACI-ON (Red Latinoamericana de Cooperación en Innovación; Latin American Network for Cooperation in Innovation) is a multidisciplinary alumni network of the GIZ-programme ILT Innotalk. The network was founded in 2012 and has been promoting innovation projects in the public and private sectors. Its goal is to contribute to the development and implementation of innovation projects by providing a platform for exchange of experiences, expert knowledge and information on innovative options.

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