Event on “Sustainability Code and Sustainability Handprint”

Bangkok, Thailand, in the evening of 22 June 2016 about 30 Germany Alumni, employees of GIZ Thailand and representatives of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce took part in an event on “Sustainability Code and Sustainability Handprint”.


The “Sustainability Code” is an European reporting system on the sustainability of enterprises. The "Sustainability Handprint” is a system for sustainability management, developed as prototype by GIZ as "Corporate Sustainability Handprint". Combining both systems allows companies, institutions and associations to give measurable information on their commitment to economic, ecologic and social sustainability. This is an adequate response to the pressure made by different stakeholders in rising economies.


The event was led by Bernd Schleich, the CEO of “Sustainability Solutions”. Bernd Schleich was part of the management team of InWEnt/GIZ for many years. He is an expert in “Sustainability Code and Sustainability Handprint” and shared his knowledge and his insights with his audience. The event took about three hours and opened the floor for a lively discussion amongst all participants. Some of them signaled their interest in being trained as a trainer for sustainability reporting and management in Thailand by the Academy of International Cooperation (part of GIZ) and the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce.


The Germany Alumni, the employees of GIZ Thailand, the representatives of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and Bernd Schleich judged the event a success. Thus, there are more events on sustainability Code and Sustainability Handprint to come.